About Us

Nirvana's salon atmosphere promotes personal peace and inner beauty. Our stylists are dedicated to assisting our clients in obtaining the perfect enhancement of the inner self, thus resulting in true beauty. Nirvana's stylists are specialists in the beauty arts, as well as being highly trained in product knowledge and personal service. Their dedication to personal peace and inner beauty extends further out into the environment and the human race.

Nirvana offers the finest in hair, skin care, and make up. Using products friendly to our planet, ourselves and our animals.

We recycle all of our paper, bottles, and aluminum foil. We even recycle our hair clippings to be turned into mats for oil spills with the "A Matter Of Trust" organization in San Francisco, California.  Our commitment to green living and lifestyle is helping others to live lighter, use less and recycle more. A visit to Nirvana not only makes you look beautiful, but feel beautiful too!

We specialize in Aveda Haircolor, Hair Cutting, Hair Spa Treatments, Make up, Ayurvedic Skin Care Analysis, Bridal and Event Styling. We do not use any harsh chemicals, including perming, straightening or nail products in our salon. Feel and look beautiful while doing something beautiful for the Earth today!

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     Nirvana is proud to announce that we are the first "Certified Green" Aveda Concept Salon in Silicon Valley! 


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